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Aqua Multi Gym

Our Aqua Multigym is specially designed for multi industries such as Fitness exercises, Aqua therapy in Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Weight Loss, and Water Aerobics.

Aqua Multigym improves the Physical function, Strengthen the various body parts such as hip muscles, Knees, Thigh muscles, Gluts, Calf muscles, Ankles, Lower Limb bones and Upper Lime bones and Shoulder.

Aqua Multigym exercises good resulted in less pain and Joint Stiffness, quality of life, Knee Osteoarthritis significant pain reduction when compared to land based program. It gives long term benefits for both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.  Low impact water workouts can help strengthen back muscles and ease back pain.

Aqua Multigym helps to improve your flexibility, range of motion, biomechanical stresses, endurance and resistance. Due to low impact aqua exercises will get your heart rate pumping. It helps tone muscles, and build strength with the resistance of the water.

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