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Aquatic Treadmill


Aqua Treadmill is a popular tool for Rehabilitation. It offers water based treatments and relaxation, fitness and physical, rehabilitation. Treatments and exercises are performed while partially submerged in water.

Aqua treadmill offers the option of adjusting speed and water level in the treadmill.

For musculoskeletal rehabilitation, Aqua treadmill is typically used to treat acute injuries as well as subjective pain of chronic conditions, such as arthritis, water immersion has compressive effects and reflexively regulates blood vessel tone.

Muscular blood flow increases by about 225% during immersion, as increased cardiac output is distributed to skin and muscular tissue. Floatation is able to counteract the effects of gravitational force on joints, creating a low impact environment for joints to perform within.

 Aqua jogging is a cross training and rehabilitation method using low impact resistance training deep water running is a great way of staying fit while injured.

Aqua running is a form of cardiovascular conditioning, involving running or jogging in water, useful for injured athletes and those who are desire a low impact aerobic workout. Even if you are not injured, aqua jogging can be used to supplement your normal running program and give your endurance a boost without giving your legs a pounding.



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